PHARMAMED-MADO Ltd. is a trading company whose main activity is the registration and promotion of medical devices with a focus on anaesthesia, intensive care, oncology, pain management, paediatrics, urology, surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology, invasive cardiology and intensive radiology.

PHARMAMED-MADO Ltd. used its knowledge, experience and contacts to become a leading supplier in anaesthesia, critical and intensive care areas with a broad portfolio of products for airway management, patient monitoring, vascular access, pain management, infusion, needlefree connectors, drainage systems and temperature management. In the course of business, the Company  has expanded its activity to surgery, orthopedics, traumatology and other fields of medicine.

Through its market operations over the years, PHARMAMED-MADO Ltd. has gained a reputation of a reliable partner for medical consumables and medical equipment supply by distributing innovative, clinically justified and technologically advanced equipment and educating staff who sell and medical staff who use it.

The fundamentals of PHARMAMED-MADO Ltd. business activity are customer focus, their satisfaction with the products distributed and professional employees. As a result, quality and environmental management system have been implemented as a logical sequence of events in the Company development.

PHARMAMED-MADO Ltd. was founded in 1995 as an exclusive distributor for Abbott Laboratories. When Abbott Laboratories established its own regional office, Pharmamed used its knowledge, experience and contacts to develop business independently thus becoming a leading supplier in anaesthesia and critical and intensive care areas with a broad portfolio of products for airway management, patient monitoring, pain management, infusion, drainage systems and temperature management.

By demonstrating its success in the field of anaesthesiology and intensive care, the decision was made to enter new markets in the areas of surgery, interventional radiology, orthopaedics and invasive cardiology. By choosing high quality suppliers, Pharmamed increased its market share and reaffirmed itself as a leader in the field.


Pharmamed Mado has come up with its mission statement, "to have an IMPACT FOR LIFE®".

With its activities globally in the world market, Pharmamed Mado recognises and selects innovative and clinically justified medical devices. These are then presented to the Croatian market, thus making a continuous impact on treatment quality and life itself.

"IMPACT FOR LIFE®" indicates a continuous, permanent and generally positive impact in all aspects of Pharmamed’s activities in society.


To provide high quality products to our clients that create an added value to patient care.


  • Maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level.
  • Hire professional and ambitious staff whilst providing continuous opportunities for self-improvement and development. 
  • Ensure corporate social responsibility in all areas.
  • Continuously strengthen the brand Pharmamed Mado d.o.o.
  • Apply and continuously improve the efficiency of quality management and environmental protection systems based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Comply with legal requirements for environmental protection.

Development strategy

Pharmamed Mado d.o.o. development strategy is to enhance performance and reduce the environmental impact according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Pharmamed is certified according to these standards and ISO certifications are a confirmation of business success and an incentive for new achievements. The ISO 14001 is an international standard that determines how to develop an effective and supervised environmental management system. By implementing this standard in our entire business system, we want to raise awareness of the negative environmental impacts to both our employees and our clients. ISO 9001 serves as a model for managing quality of service delivery to customers, and encompasses major processes within the procurement, development, warehousing, sales, distribution by ensuring that all of these processes are run under controlled conditions.


Being a customer-focused company, we actively participate in local and regional congresses related to our field of activity. In cooperation with our suppliers, Pharmamed contributes by bringing eminent clinicians to congresses to ensure the clinical education of the highest standards.

Pharmamed provides continuous education. Our team of competent experts with clinical experience work closely with nursing organisations to improve their professional development and meet their continuing educational needs.

Pharmamed facilitates special hospital education programs to allow staff to get acquainted with new and advanced technologies. Not only do we want to ensure the correct use of new products, but also help the hospital staff in implementing new procedures and necessary activities.

Quality policy

Focusing on customer needs and their satisfaction are the most important values in measuring and determining our success. The business processes of our company and the products we offer are based on the principles of quality and environmental management. We strive for continuous improvement in all areas. Our team are professional and ambitious and have the ability and the obligation of continuous professional development. IT and communication resources are constantly updated and supplied with state-of-the-art equipment which in turn ensures a comfortable and efficient work environment.

Environmental policy

Pharmamed Mado d.o.o. is committed to the responsible performance of all its business activities with due regard to the environment and sustainable development. Caring for the environment is a universal responsibility and as such our employees and company strive to meet this responsibility head on. We seek to continuously achieve better results in meeting environmental standards whilst simultaneously working on a systematic and continuous recognition of opportunities. These preventative measures reduce the potential negative impact on the environment and strive for and meet the expectations of the stakeholders. To achieve these goals, Pharmamed Mado d.o.o. does the following:

  • Performs operations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the environmental aspects of the company.
  • Provides and certifies the ISO 14001 an internationally recognised environmental management system in its entire business to ensure accountability and continuous improvement.
  • Includes strategies, general and individual environmental goals in the business planning process to ensure that environmental impact management is an integral part of its business.
  • Sets general and individual environmental goals, monitors results and reviews processes to achieve the best results in relation to high environmental standards.
  • Establishes and implements ways of better use of materials and resources, reducing emissions to a minimum, and recycling of waste.
  • It is committed to saving water at all times.
  • It is committed to climate protection by reducing energy use and cooling emissions.
  • Encourages and trains its employees for recognition and action in improving the efficiency of environmental protection and waste management.