Pharmamed Mado Ltd.
Zatišje 8g, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

 Phone: 00385 (1) 377 6116
 Fax: 00385 (1) 377 6066

RN: 3496872
Raiffeisen Bank IBAN: HR7424840081100462756

Basic foundation: 625.000,00 HRK
Director: Marko Goricki

Pharmamed Mado Ltd. (Pharmamed) was founded in 1995 as an exclusive Croatian distributor for Abbott Laboratories. When Abbott Laboratories established it’s own regional office, Pharmamed used it’s knowledge, experience and contacts to develop business independently and to become a leading supplier in anesthesia, critical and intensive care areas with a broad portfolio of products for airway management, patient monitoring, vascular access, pain management, infusion, safety devices, drainage systems and temperature management.


Pharmamed Mado has come up with their mission statement "to have an IMPACT FOR LIFE®".

Pharmamed Mado with their activities globally, on world market, recognizes and selects innovative, clinically justified medical devices, and presents them to our market which continuously affect the treatment quality, and at the same time life itself.

"IMPACT FOR LIFE®" indicates a contiuous, permament and commonly positive impact in all aspects of Pharmamed activities in society.


To be the leading company on the market which is an excellence ideal in creating an added value in medicine, while providing high quality in all courses of actions and well being of our clients and employees.

Commitment to our customers

Our employees

Pharmamed’s experienced staff with an outstanding professional sales force with clinical background is fully dedicated to understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs. We are continuously searching and discovering new, innovative and advanced medical products and pharmaceutical generic solutions in the global market, and introducing them locally and regionally, while having two objectives; increasing the quality and safety of treatment, and decreasing medical expenses. Most importantly, we listen carefully to our customers’ needs and work closely with them in finding the right solution. We never let them compromise.

With this approach, we have built solid partnerships and rightfully earned their trust and loyalty.


Being a customer-focused company, we are actively participating, organizing and sponsoring the majority of local and regional conferences related to the areas of our interest. In order to enrich clinical education to highest standards, we are often inviting eminent international lecturers (both clinicians and product specialists) to these events.

Pharmamed is a provider of continuing education. Our team of competent professionals, many of who have a clinical background, work closely with the Croatian Nursing Council and other nursing organizations to enhance professional development and meet continuing education requirements.

Pharmamed implements special hospital education programs when introducing new cutting-edge technology not only to ensure correct usage of new products but also to help hospital staff implement new procedures and necessary functions required in the administration of the new technology.


In an attempt to promote and enhance knowledge share and education within Croatia, but also internationally, Pharmamed started a specialized medical journal Signa Vitae, the first and only Croatian journal dedicated to intensive care and emergency. The editorial board members are Croatian and international opinion leaders and experts.

Partner to suppliers

We believe that goals can be achieved only when commitment is shared. We strive to build a long term partner based relationship with our suppliers founded on trust, loyalty, fairness, confidentiality and accuracy.

To meet joint objectives, Pharmamed specialists continuously return feedback and input from our users in an attempt to assist our suppliers in improving or even customizing products to meet our clients’ particular needs. We encourage and welcome our partners to pay visits to our customers to enhance the understanding of our markets.

Pharmamed’s partners enjoy entrusted access to our customer data base (CDB) that we have developed. The CDB is regularly fed with recent information from the field and it enables quick and accurate information necessary for making business decisions.

To ensure the importation and registration of the products in the market, our regulatory department guides and assists our partners to meet the specifics of local requirements and to comply with local laws, rules and regulations. The regulatory team is vigilantly monitoring changes in the area and proactively advising our partners on all important regulatory issues.

Our values

The foundation of our successful business relationship with our partners and customers is based in our values; integrity and high ethical standards.